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How to grow

your YouTube channel: guide for programmers 2018

YouTube is the second largest social media platform. It carries the uttermost importance for marketers today. Video marketing is on the most trending marketing strategies in the modern world.

For this reason, it is crucial for YouTubers to promote their channels and get more people watching. As a programmer, you need to get in front of the competition and have your channel ranking higher. The best way to grow is to ensure you have more subscribers with you. In this article, we are going to look for ways to achieve your goal.

Ensure your homepage is well optimized to get more subscribers

When you give links to your YouTube followers, they expect to get the best landing page. For example, if you share your video on Facebook or any other social platform, you need to ensure your subscribers are receiving what you have promised them. You will have to re-design your channels header in a manner that attracts viewers. It is important to attract your subscriber if you want them to click through your videos and stay longer in your channel.

It is all about putting your subscribers first. If your old image sucks, viewers will want to avoid it. When people see the image on your channel, they create in their minds what your channel is all about. You will need a strategy behind your channel trailer if you must hook new watchers. Your subscribers see your homepage differently from how non-subscriber see it. For this reason, you need to adjust the home page in the most appropriate manner. For example, you might have made your channel in a way that non-subscribers only see trailers while subscribers see featured videos. Trailers are used to hook subscribers, which is why you must make the greatest ones.

You need to speak directly to the new visitor, Remember that, only the new users to your channel can see the trailers. To achieve this:

  • - Start by talking about your audience. Forget about yourself for once.
  • - Clearly, describe the value your channel holds.
  • - The introduce yourself; share some of your credibility.
  • - Ask viewers to subscribe.
You need a posting schedule - random posting does not help at all

It will not make any sense to establish a channel then leave it dormant. Your viewers expect to see new videos at all times. You want to make sure you give them exactly what they want. Even then new users will look at the frequency of your posting.

New information is always better than the old one. Things change first in the programming industry, and regular and scheduled posting shows you know your way around.

You will have to push people to subscribe - this grow your channel quicker

Users always want to be told what they are supposed to do. Once you have captured their attention, you need to push them to subscribe. Do not assume they already know what to do - push them into a subscription.

Epic playlists will give you more out of your videos - they will be seen more

After watching one video, it is important to grab their attention to stay on the channel. If they do not like the video they are watching; they should get a recommendation for more videos. A playlist is your ticket to growing your channel faster.

But the playlist has to be epic. Try to focus on what the viewer will most likely enjoy watching apart from the one you have given. You have to come up with content that works easier for growth - figure this out. Just like Google Search, YouTube content is very important. Do not use content that looks so complicated even for you.

Focus on breaking down what looks hard for new users to learn easily. You need to know the kind of information that makes it for you.

Thumbnails are the best to get more people watching

The title and Thumbnails are the two most important things for someone to find a video from search results. Do not make the mistake of repeating the title text in the thumbnail.

Simply make the thumbnails using the clearest visual. They have to connect with the title you have chosen. And that is how a programmer can grow their channel on YouTube. If you integrate with services like SosialBoss, you get the best results. Following the ideas can get your channel ranking higher - and that is how you grow.

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